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When You Return This Application

You will need to fill out the entire application and bring in the application fee of $50.00 per person.  The security deposit is equal to one months rent and is due at the time of application in order to hold the house for you with approved move in date.


Rental History

One or two years pervious rental history or mortgage history is required with timely payment history and prior rental history or mortgage history must be in good standing with no outstanding balances owed.  No rental history may be considered depending on the reason.


Credit Information

We require you to have satisfactory credit based on the credit system we use.  No credit may be considered. 


Pet Guidelines

Certain homes are allowed a maximum of two pets.  The pet FEE is non- refundable in the amount of $250.00 per pet.



All checks will be deposited within 48 hours.  You may cancel this application only with a written notice within 72 hours of submission and receive a full refund of this deposit back.  If you choose to cancel and your check has been deposited, we will confirm that the check has cleared and then issue you a refund check within 30-days.


This information has been read, understood and I agree to its terms!


Signature:_______________________  Date:______________________


Signature:_______________________  Date:______________________

This signature also allows for any employment or rental information to be released to Mike Taylor Properties INC. Management reserves the right to approve or disapprove any prospect based on these qualifying standards and the information provided in the application.  Approval is at the sole discretion of Mike Taylor Properties management pending satisfaction of all requests for information and deposits have been met.










Mike Taylor Properties, Inc

2548 Highway One South Elgin, SC 29045
(803) 408-0006, FAX :(803) 408-0402


APPLICANT (FULL NAME) __________________________________________
WORK NUMBER: ___________ HOME # ___________CELL#_____________
DATE OF BIRTH:_____________ SOCIAL SECURITY#__________________
DRIVER’S LICENSE#______________________________________________

SPOUSE (FULL NAME) ____________________________________________
WORK NUMBER:____________HOME _____________CELL#____________
DATE OF BIRTH:_____________SOCIAL SECURITY #__________________
DRIVERS LICENSE #______________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ________________________________________________
1. _______________________/_______________________/______________

1.PRESENT ADDRESS:________________________________________ CITY,STATE,ZIP__________________________________________________
HOW LONG?_______________________ CURRENT RENT:_______________
PRESENT LANDLORD_____________________________________________
2.PREVIOUS ADDRESS: ____________________________________________
PREVIOUS LANDLORD____________________________________________

1. PRESENT EMPLOYER___________________________________________
PHONE: __________________________FAX:__________________________
LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT_________________________________________
2. SPOUSE’S EMPLOYER__________________________________________
LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT_________________________________________ OCCUPATION____________________________________________________

1. TYPE OF AUTO_________________YEAR_______COLOR_____ LICENSE PLATE
2. TYPE OF AUTO_________________YEAR_______COLOR______ LICENSE PLATE

PHONE #:_______________________________________________________

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT MIKE TAYLOR PROPERTIES, INC       ________________________________________________________________

Applicant has submitted the sum of $50.00 which is non-refundable payment for a
credit check and processing charge. Receipt of which is acknowledgement by
management, such sum is not a rental payment. In the event this application is
disapproved, the sum will be retained by management to cover the cost of
processing application furnished by applicant. This application must be signed
before it can be processed by management. Any false information will constitute
grounds for rejection of application. Applicant gives Lessor permission to
fully verify application to include personal credit check.

I hereby deposit to be determined with Management as a deposit in connection
with this rental application. If my application is accepted, I understand this
deposit can be applied toward all monies due, which are due prior to taking
possession of the premises. If management accepts my application, I agree to
execute Management’s usual rental agreement on or before the occupancy date set
out in this application. If for any reason Management decides to decline my
application, then Management will refund this deposit to me in full.

I understand I may cancel this application by written notice within 72 hours and
receive a full refund of this deposit. If I cancel after 72 hours, or fail to
execute Management’s usual rental agreement, or refuse to occupy the premises
on the agreed upon date, I understand this deposit will be forfeited by me to
said community as liquidated damages.

                                                                                    _____________________________                ___________________________
Applicant’s Signature                                        Spouse’s Signature




















Mike Taylor Properties INC.

PO Box 1190

2548 Main Street

Elgin SC 29045

(803) 408-0006 Fax (803) 408-0402


Welcome to your new home!


Dear New Residents(s),


Welcome to your new home. We at Mike Taylor Properties INC would like to make your move- in process as easy for your as possible.  The list below is a list of contacts for utilities and services in the area for your new home.  We would also like to thank you for choosing to lease one of our rental homes as your new home.



O             S.C. Electric and Gas Company                       O             Fairfield Electric Cooperative

                800-251-7234                                                                      803-425-1059


O             Progress Energy                                                    O             Mid Carolina Electric Cooperative 

                800-452-2777                                                                      803-749-6555


O             City Of Camden                                                   O            Other __________________                                           ___________________                                                    _______________________


Water and Sewer

O             City of Columbia                                                O             Lugoff Elgin Water

                803-545-3000                                                                      803-438-2991

                Fax 803-733-8219


O             Palmetto Utilities

            Columbia 803-419-5566   Elgin 803-699-2422



*Bellsouth (888-757-6500)                     * AT&T(800-222-0300)                         *Alltel (800-255-8351)


                                                                *Sprint (800-877-7746)




O Richland County Sheriff 803-576-3000     O Columbia Police Dept. 803-545-3500

O Forest Acres 803-782-9444                           O Kershaw County 803-425-1512

O Elgin Police Dept 911 City Hall 438-2362

O Camden Police Dept. 803-225-6035


For and questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at 803-408-0006
Novella Taylor
Novella Taylor